NPR-90 Series

As NPR-90 series has low warpage, it's suitable for thinner FPC. And a reduction of cracking problem is expected during manufacturing because this series has excellent flexibility right after UV exposure.


  • Excellent flexibility and help reduce bending crack.
  • Almost no warpage occurs after curing.
  • Improved reflow resistance and solder heat resistance.
  • High resolution for the fine pitch.
  • Halogen free and RoHS compliant.


Item Representative value Test condition
Photosensitivity 9 〜 11
25 〜 31
21 Step tablet
41 Step tablet
Resolution 45um / 45um Line / Space, Thickness about 20um,
Scattering light 500mJ/cm2
Flexibility > 5cycles
> 7,000cycles
25um PI film, Angle 180deg., Pressure 50N
MIT folding endurance test R=2.0mm,
土 135deg.
Pencil hardness 3H JIS K 5600
Adhesion Class 0 JIS K 5600
Heat resistance to solder > 2cycles Pb free solder paste,
Reflow peak temp. 260deg.C, 30sec.
HHBT > 2,000hours 85deg.C, 85%RH, DC60V,
100um Pitch (L/S=50um/50um)
HAST > 200hours 110deg.C, 85%RH, DC60V,
100um Pitch (L/S=50um/50um)
Resistance to electroless Ni/Au Plating PASS Ni 3um / Au 0.08um thickness
Resistance to electrolytic Ni/Au Plating PASS Ni 3um / Au 0.1um thickness
Resistance to acid PASS 10% HCl aq., 25deg.C, 30min. Dipping
Resistance to alkaline PASS 5% NaOH aq., 25deg.C, 30min. Dipping
Resistance to organic solvent PASS IPA, 25deg.C, 30min. Dipping