Environmental Policy

We are striving to maintain and improve the environment in order to pass on a rich environment to the next generation.

Hachioji, where Nippon Polytech stands, is located in the metropolis of Tokyo. It has a lush natural environment, including Mt. Takao. And this rich natural environment continues to provide us with the blessings of nature and a comfortable living space (living environment).
This favorable environment must be maintained through our daily efforts and we have a responsibility to pass on this environment to our next generation.
Therefore, as a corporation, we resonate with the common environmental philosophy of many citizens, corporations, local governments, global countries and international organizations.
Moving forward, we will strive to maintain and improve the environment through development, manufacture and vendition of environment-friendly products.

Environmental Guideline

Basic Philosophy
We recognize that global environmental conservation is one of the most important issues facing mankind in the 21st century. Therefore, we will actively contribute to the environment protection in order to protect next generation's dreams and achieve social sustainable development.

Basic policy

  1. Through our corporate activities, we will conserve resources, reduce wastes and environmentally hazardous substances in order to preserve the environment and reduce the impact on it.
  2. Strictly comply with laws, regulations, customer and social requirements.
  3. Set and operate goals (action goals) that reflect various conditions of our corporate activities and review them when necessary.
  4. In order to improve environmental performance, we conduct periodic audits/management reviews and continuously improve environmental management system.
  5. This policy has been documented and informed to all employees.

Concrete efforts

  • In addition to providing products that comply with the laws of each country, we will always collect information about environmentally hazardous substances in each country. At the same time, in order to develop products that can be used for a long time, candidate substances that are considered to have a large environmental impact will not be used from the product development stage.
  • Analyze various environmentally hazardous substances in products to ensure compliance with regulations in each country.
  • We conduct audits of our suppliers to ensure their maintaining of various compliance.
  • We operate our factory that can co-exist harmoniously with the local community and avoid negative effects on the local environment, such as not using industrial water or burning fuel for production.
  • Conduct chemical substance management and green procurement based on the environmentally hazardous substances management regulations.