Flex Photoimage Mask with Supreme flexibility(2 component type)

The FPC used by these grades shows an excellent flatness, so that the grade exercises the performance in solving a warpage problem of FPC.
And it is expected that a cracking problem during manufacturing FPC is reduced by reason of showing excellent flexibility right after UV exposure.

  • Springback is small, possessing an excellent flexibility.
  • Maintaining a flatness of FPC.
  • Improvement of heat resistance.
  • Possessing an excellent performance for chemical Au plating.
  • Showing a good performance for several reliability tests.
  • Halogen free (JPCA, IEC) and RoHS Directive are supported.

Ink Characteristics

Item Typical value Test Condition
Viscosity 170∼270 dPa·s VT-04 Viscometer (RION), 25deg.C
Thixotropic index 1.0∼2.0 HBT Viscometer (BROOKFIELD), η550, 25deg.C



Item Typical value Test Condition
Pencil hardness 4H JIS K 5600
Adhesion (Cu) Class. 0 JIS K 5600 (on copper foil)
(PI) Class. 0 JIS K 5600 (on polyimide film)
Heat resistance to solder ≧ 2 times 5sec. on solder bath at 260±5deg.C
Insulation resistance ≧ 1.0 x 1012Ω 50/50μm (Line/Space), Comb type test pattern
Flexibility ≧ 2 times On polyimide film (25μm), 180deg. bending
at diameter of 0.2mm
Springback 0.5N/cm On polyimide film (25μm), 5mm/min., Outside bending
Warpage < 1mm 25μm / Single side coat
Resistance to chemical Au plating PASS Ni 3μm / Au 0.03μm thickness
Resistance to acid PASS 10% HCI aq., 25deg.C, 30min. Dipping
Resistance to alkaline PASS 5% NaOH aq., 25deg.C, 30min. Dipping
Resistance to organic solvent PASS IPA, 25deg.C, 30min. Dipping

The value in the table is measured by NPT based on each test method, so that these values are not guaranteed.

Standard process

Coating Pre-dry UV exposure  Developing Curing
Screen Printing
  400600mJ/cm²   1% Na2CO3 aq.


Product code Color Application Features
305B Blue LCD Module
General FPC

Low warpage
Supreme flexibility

Halogen free