Flex Solder Mask for COF

  • Showing an excellent adaptability to Sn plated COF by reason of lower curing temp.(120°C)
  • Possessing an excellent characteristic of electrical properties.
    (HHBT:85°C, 85%RH, 1000hrs HAST:120°C, 85%RH, 200hrs)
  • Maintaining a flatness of FPC.
  • Possessing an excellent flexibility.
  • Accommodating to Halogen free. (JPCA standard, IEC standard)
  • Accommodating to the RoHS Directive.


Item Typical value Test Condition
HHBT PASS 85°C, 85%RH, 1000hrs, 15/15μm(L/S), 60V DC
HAST PASS 120°C, 85%RH, 200hrs, 15/15μm(L/S), 60V DC
Tensile modulus ≦500 MPa Tensile tester 5.0mm/min.
Breakdown elongation ≧100% Tensile tester 5.0mm/min.
Bending resistance ≧130 times 200μm Pitch MIT, ±135°, 175rpm, 0.38mmR, 250g Weight
Volume resistance 1.0 x 1015Ω·cm JIS C 6471-7-1, 23°C, 50%RH, 500V DC, 1min.
Warpage ≦1mm 40mm x 30mm COF Test coupon

The value in the table is measured by NPT based on each test method, so that these values are not guaranteed.

Standard process

Coating Curing

Screen Printing